Rural Excavation

Rural excavation requires experienced operators with rural excavation experience. Onsite Development Solutions understands the need for accurate excavation when working on rural properties. Working within the stringent guidelines of local body is also paramount to ensuring the smooth running of your property.

Rural Drainage: click here

An eye for levels and peat farm experience.

Rural Excavation and Drainage requires a keen eye for levels and accuracy to ensure the proper running of water on your property. Drain cleanings can be spread on farm to reduce costs and help contour where required. Onsite has a wealth of experience in farm drainage including deep peat properties. An eye for levels, efficiency and pride in leaving your property tidy will ensure that your farm drainage works to its capacity and flows in the right direction.


Rural Excavation

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FEED PADS and herd homes: click here

Site preparation and levelling:

We offer full site preparation for feed pads. By utilising our laser levelling equipment and drag scoop you can be assured of consistent heights and levels which in turn will result in accurate volumes of concrete resulting in cost savings.






Earthworks & Excavation

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SHED PADS: click here

Building a new shed?

Onsite works closely with council engineers to meet the stringent new regulations being imposed on the building industry. Working closely with council engineers ensures that your building projects will meet the standards required.

Using our drag scoop and machine mounted laser equipment to level the pad prior to pouring concrete ensures an accurate volume of concrete is achieved.

Drag Scoop & Machine Mounted laser equipment

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Excavation and Cleaning:

With the governing bodies controlling the strong environmental issues of our farming practices, the need for storage and safe distribution of effluent has seen an increase in the need for effluent or oxidation ponds. Onsite Development Solutions understands these requirements and will work with you and the regulators to ensure the final pond meets the required industry standards.

There are many variations of effluent ponds. Each one is designed to best suit your property, soil conditions budget and industry regulations. Onsite Development Solutions can direct you to the most suitable style of effluent pond for you.

Cleaning the pond is an ongoing part of the process. Talk to Onsite Development Solutions about the many options available.

weeping wall cleaning

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clearing land: click here

Clear and prepare paddocks to re-grass to increase production.

Make the most of your land by removing gorse, bamboo and other pests such as blackberry to enable you to re-contour and return paddocks back to grass and increase your productivity.

Onsite Development Solutions has a variety of equipment to successfully return your land into productive pasture.





Land Cleared and power harrowed read for seeding

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