Equestrian Arenas & Training Tracks:

Onsite Development Solutions’ experience and attention to detail will ensure longevity for your equestrian arena and training tracks. We offer a no obligation site visit and quote to discuss your requirements.

NEWS brief

It has come to our attention that many of the equestrian arenas we are asked to price will need resource consents under  current district plans.  More information on this can be found on the Waikato District and Waipa District Council websites.  However, we can guide you through the process to make sure that your project is not at risk of fines enforced by local authorities. Onsite Development Solutions works closely with these authorities  and will ensure that your project meets all expectations and will remain a trouble free asset to your property.  

If you would like to discuss any aspect of building an arena on your property, contact Roger on 0274-870-955.


Katie McVean trialing the Equidays indoor arena

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Complete equestrian arena construction service:

Onsite Development Solutions offers a complete construction service (from start to finish) to build your Equestrian Arena and will work closely with you on your property.

As each property has a unique soil type and setting, Onsite Development Solutions will ensure that materials used will enable you to use your arena all year round. Onsite Development Solutions have specialist laser levelling equipment and drag scoop to make sure that the arena is level which ensures optimum riding enjoyment. Drainage is also a consideration and like the soil type is unique to each property.

Building an arena requires careful planning. Not only is the site and soil type and drainage a consideration, but the importance of choosing sand and/or specialised material is paramount to ensuring an even, safe and comfortable surface for you and your valuable animals. There are many arena surfaces to choose from and Onsite Development Solutions are ready to guide you through the process of building your arena.

Equestrian Arenas/Training Tracks

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Rejuvenate your tired arena or training track with the Onsite Developments powered rake:

Onsite Development Solutions has equipment that is able to rejuvenate your Arena or training track. By using the Harley Powered Rake the existing sand can be brought to the surface recreating a usable surface and restore your arena or track to its former glory. By doing this you are using the existing material that has compacted rather than putting additional material on top. This in turn will save you money.






Equestrian Arenas/Training Tracks

The Harley Powered Rake can rejuvenate your arena or training track

exercise areas & training tracks: click here

Onsite Development Solutions can create new exercise areas and training tracks.

Onsite Development Solutions use the same care and construction techniques used to build an arena when constructing your exercise areas, standing areas and training tracks.

We will work with you and your unique site to ensure drainage and levels are taken into consideration. The correct falls will ensure that all year riding is achievable.