Onsite Development Solutions has a wide range of equipment & Machinery for domestic, Rural & commercial projects.

equipment list

An example of some of the Excavation Equipment and Machinery that Onsite Development Solutions have to help you with your projects.

  • 13.5 tonne zero swing differ with tilt bucket
  • Large tractor and trailer for onsite work
  • The latest laser levelling equipment operating a drag scoop suitable for accurately levelling large areas and commercial floors
  • Harley powered rake suitable for rejuvenating driveways, tanker tracks, equestrian arenas and farm races
  • Rotary Hoe for general cultivation
  • Power Harrow (2m) great for confined areas and section work
  • Small tractor for confined work
  • Level bar and front end loader
  • 8 wheel transporter
Kubota 5040 hydrostatic tractor and drag scoop

Kubota hydrostatic tractor and drag scoop

Laser equipment in large commercial shed

Laser equipment in large commercial shed

Harley Powered Rake

Powered Rake to rejuvenate existing surfaces

Flat deck transporter truck

Transporter used to transport gear between jobs